Fiber Spinning

Fiber Spinning Services

Some double-coated fleeces may need an additional pin-drafting to thoroughly blend the various lengths of fiber, in order to properly spin on our machines. Where the volume of undercoat to outercoat is nearly 50-50, there’s usually no problem, but in fleeces where the proportion is unbalanced, an extra pindrafting may be needed. If I decide it’s necessary for spinning on our equipment, an extra $5.00 per finished pound of yarn will be charged for this additional pindrafting.

  • *Breeds frequently affected include Icelandic, Shetland, Jacob, Karakul, and Navajo-Churro.
  • Some blends may also be affected such as wool/silk, wool/mohair, etc.

Fiber length: Assessing your fiber for spinning on our machines includes looking at its length. Currently we can spin lengths from 3.5 inches to 11 inches. Longer than that won’t draft properly, and shorter than that will fall apart in the drafting zone. If in doubt, call to discuss your fiber before you pay to ship it to us. The spinning machines that we use are called “long staple spinners”.

If I cannot spin your fiber (all types), after it has been processed for spinning, because of its length (short or long), it will be returned to you as pindrafted roving, and charged as such. If I decide before processing that it won’t spin, I will turn the fiber into roving unless you specify otherwise in the “Special comments or instructions” section on your order form.

If you want 100% alpaca or llama yarn and specify that no wool can be added for spinning, and I believe I cannot spin it in that condition, I will return it to you as roving and charge you for processing into roving, unless you specify on your order form to send it back raw. If you send your fiber for spinning and I believe that we can not spin it, either because of length or texture, we will automatically add 15 to 30% wool, unless you specify “not” to add wool on your form.

NEW POLICY: We no longer process 100% Suri Alpaca into yarn. All Suri alpaca that is sent for spinning will have 30% merino added.

Prices are based on the finished weight of the yarn and include all processing needed to get it to that stage (except the “small batch” fee of $8 per pound on batches with incoming weight under 5 pounds). Keep in mind that you can lose up to 8 ounces between the carding machines and the spinning set up. Seldom is there that much loss, but you’ll have the same loss whether it’s a 10-pound run or a 100-pound run. We produce a semi-worsted yarn.

To repeat, these prices are all inclusive. All processing needed to get from raw fiber to finished yarn is included in these prices.

Turnaround on Spinning services are running at least 12 months. If you’ve asked what the turnaround is and have been given an estimate, it is just that, an estimate. There are many factors that can alter the time frame, employee problems, machine problems, life in general, etc. We work very hard to get products out in a timely manner but sometimes things happen. Please be respectful of others who have things they want processed. Please try to plan ahead, it is unfair to jump ahead of fiber that is already here. If you absolutely have to have it by a certain time, it may take having my employees working overtime to do it. That cost will be added to your bill.

Processing fees are due upon completion of each batch (if more than one is sent). Failure to pay within 30 days of notification that processing is complete and payment is due, will result in batches being considered abandoned. Thus forcing us to sell it to recoup processing charges. Our employees do not work for free.

Spinning Pricing

  • Single ply worsted – $26.00 per pound
  • 2-ply worsted or bulky weight – $29.00 per pound
  • 2-ply sport or 3-ply worsted – $31.00 per pound
  • 2-ply fingering, 3-ply sport, or 4-ply worsted – $33.00 per pound
  • 3-ply fingering – $35.00 per pound

Additional Charges

  • There will be a set-up fee of $30 per batch for yarn orders that need to be a specific ypp.
  • Add $8 per pound on batches of incoming fiber that weighs under 5 pounds incoming weight, except suri alpaca.
  • Add $3 per pound to each price if the yarn is made with 50% or more exotic fibers (see listing of exotics on our home page).
  • 100% alpaca or llama, or blends of these fibers with less than 15% wool added, add $5.50 per pound. The reason is alpaca and llama take about twice as long to card and pindraft as other fibers, unless at least 15% wool is added.

Coning and Skeining

  • Yarn can be put up into skeins (normally 250 yards unless specified otherwise) or cones.
  • Coning: Putting your yarn on cones are $3.00 per cone which are generally 1 to 2 pounds, but the yardage is not known.
  • Counted skeins (known yardage) $3.50 per pound. Skeins under 150 yards $4.50 per pound
  • Washing skeins: $3.50 per pound


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