Shipping Your Fiber

Here are some tips on sending your raw fiber to be processed at Stonehedge Fiber Mill.

  • Send any way that is cheapest for you (UPS, post office, etc). Most shipping costs are for dimension of box as much as weight. If you ship your fiber in a box that is 2 times larger than it should be, your costs is going to be 2 or more times more expensive than it should be. Compressing your fiber will not hurt it. Sit on it before taping it up if you need to, but use the smallest box that you can in order to save yourself some money.
  • If you want confirmation your package has arrived, please arrange for delivery confirmation with the shipper. It takes us a lot of time to search for your box to let you know it’s arrive – time we could have been processing fiber in!
  • In the box, include your name (not just your farm name), email address, your home address or the address you want your finished fiber sent to, your telephone number, and any instructions you might have (roving, batts, blending, etc). For your convenience, print our Order Form, as it asks for all the information we need to handle your order the way you want it.
  • I ship back UPS unless otherwise requested. You need to include a shipping address other than a PO Box in your instructions.
  • Fiber to be sent for spinning should have SPINNING on the outside of the box.
  • If you’re sending fiber that has already been washed, include the word WASHED on the outside of the box, as I often grab the next washed fiber to keep the carding machine running, if I haven’t gotten enough washed the day before.

Send to:

Stonehedge Fiber Mill
2246 Pesek Rd
East Jordan, MI 49727


All processing requires pre-payment unless other arrangements have been made. If there isn’t a credit card number, a check, or prior arrangements, fiber will not be shipped and additional charges will be added 15 days after the invoice date. I regret having to change my billing policy, but my accounts receivable is out of control.

Please call or email us for scheduling your processing needs. If you email, please make sure the subject line says something like “fiber processing question” so it won’t look like spam and be deleted by accident.

Phone: (231) 536-2779